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xXMilchwomanXx has started a donation pool!
1,474 / 2,000
Here is my art status ^-^
!When you want any of this send me a NOTE. Otherwise I will probably forgot it hue!
Requests - Open by SweetDuke
Trades - Open by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Open by SweetDuke
Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
Gifts - Open by SweetDuke
ADOPTABLE ART TRADES OPEN ! This are AT's where I draw an Adoptable for you and you one for me ♥


I draw:
My little Pony


Sketch- 10 :points:
LineArt- 15 :points:
No Shading- 20 :points:
With Shading- 25 :points:


Sketch- 8 :points:
LineArt- 10 :points:
No Shading- 15 :points:
With Shading- 20 :points:

Sketch- 1 :points:
LineArt- 2 :points:
No Shading- 4 :points:
With Shading- 8 :points:

Colorshading Sketches
Headshot 3 :points:
Halfbody 6 :points:
Fullbody 15 :points:

My little Pony
Sketch 8 :points:
Lineart 15 :points:
Colored 20 :points:
Pointed BG for free

Sketch 10 :points:
Lineart 15 :points:
Colored: 25 :points:

Rainbow Sketches are 2 :points: more

Every Character is 5 :points: more

If you want a simple Background +2 :points:

I can't do detailed Backgrounds,I'm sorry.


5 :points:
Cutesie Adoptables 5 Points OPEN by xXMilchwomanXxCat Adoptables 5 Points OPEN by xXMilchwomanXxDragon Adoptables 5 Points OPEN by xXMilchwomanXx:thumb305468446:

10 :points:
Griffin Adoptable 10 Points OPEN by xXMilchwomanXx

15 :points:
Chameleon Adoptable 15 Points OPEN by xXMilchwomanXxSwallow Adoptable 15 Points OPEN by xXMilchwomanXxFox Adoptable 15 Points OPEN by xXMilchwomanXxBat Adoptable 15 Points OPEN by xXMilchwomanXx:thumb311011538:
20 :points:
:thumb305307337:MLP Adoptable 20 Points [OPEN] by xXMilchwomanXx

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Tagged by :iconblazemiku:


1. What skin tone do you have?
~  I don't know, pretty light xD
2. What color is your hair?
~ Blonde-Brown, I need to dye it again xD

3. What color are your eyes?
~ Brown

4. Do you have freckles?
~ Nope

5. Do you wear braces or GLASSES?
~ Nope

6. What style is your hair mostly?
~ I often wear them open, when I wear my Free-Jacket I always make me a Ponytail, otherwise nobody could read the "Iwatobi" :D

7. Skinny, fat, or normal?
~ Normal, I would say xD

8. Big feet, normal, or small?
~ 1,70 is normal, I think ^v^


1. Bi, straight, or gay/lesbian?
~ Bi :3

2. Religion?
~ I don't care about religion, but I have nothing against it.

3. Support gay rights?
~ I support them! :3


1. Divorced or married parents?
~ Married

2. Step parents or married parents?
~ Married

3. How many siblings (step's included.)
~ A brother :3
4. Lots of cousins or not?
~ Half-Cousin-Thing xD

5. Close to your family or not?
~ Yep ^-^


1. Song you love?
~ Fushimi Saruhiko - I beg your hate
~ Nnoitra Jiruga & Tesla Lindocruz - Ranbu no Melody
~ Kagamine Len -Gigantic OTN
~ Sangeshitsu *v*
~ maNga - We Could Be The Same

2. Band you love?
~ ASP! <33

3. Type of MUSIC you love?
- So many types hue xD

4. Color you love?
Purple! :3

5. Food you love?
~ I love food like Chips and Burgers and Sushi and stuff xD

6. Time of day you love?
~ Evening :3
7. BOOKS you love?
~ I love Mangas and all the Books of Fear Street and Warrior Cats

8. MOVIE you love?
~ The Avengers! *v* And Bleach - Memories of A Nobody, and not to forget Final Fantasy Advent Children <3

1. BOYFRIEND or Girlfriend?
~  I actually would like to have a Girlfriend
2. SINGLE or Taken?
~ Let's say I'm in love with someone who also loves me c:
3. Crush or Love?
~ Love <3

4. Someone crushing on you?
~ I don't know

5. Any crush in the past month?
~ Nope c:

6. What would you say if your friend asked to be with you?
~ No xD

7. Do you trust a lot of people?
~ Nah, I think sometimes I trust some people I shouldn't trust

8. Do you get heartaches whenever you're lonely?
~ I don't like to be alone that much so

9. Do you like to cuddle?
~ Yes, I love it <3

10. Perfect DATE idea?
~ I have no idea xD

You are who you are.
This test just proves we are all different.
Being who you are is perfect. 

Now tag 5 people and dare them to show who they really are.
I won't tagg anyone xD


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Heyu Guys, my name is Milena and this is my site! :3
Webcam by UtsuCheese


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